Series of comics

I really love comics even better than books. And who doesn’t enjoy reading a good book? It’s been a while to me because I haven’t got the time to read, neither books or comics for all that matters.


This one’s made in a time when I was very much in love with French comic artist Jacques Tardi’s work. I still am, especially the architecture drawings and his unique enviromental descriptions. To me comics mainly is the traditional european way like Tardi, Hergé and Hermann etc. I love a good Noir story and the moods in it, again, espcecially the French Noir. The American Noir characters are too superheroish and I never cared much for superheros with very few exceptions.

This drawing is inspired by Tardi, clearly, and hence also Hergé in some subtle way. The satisfied villain fleeing the scene. The setting is taken from a outdoor pool in the district Lindevang, Frederiksberg which is a part of Copenhagen. The exact location isn’t important to the story line it just was there.

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