The Factory on Memory Lane

© Morten Bjerg – 2004

This building is a rough sketch from the ground where my old studio was. GOSH, it’s been almost twenty years. The old factory moved to third world countries where production is cheaper, I guess, it also applies to cement which was produced there a long time ago, apparently. I love old odd buildings and industrial buildings has an extra feature to it. They’re often very weird and comes in strange shapes, like those water towers that really looks like UFO’s. Often you don’t have a clue what’s it for, what does it do?

These sketches are taken from an old sketchbook from 2004.

© Morten Bjerg – 2004

I guess, I’ve alway loved crosshatching by pen and I enjoy making drawings with no preparation. No pre-work with pencil and you can’t turn back. If you fail it’s done! But I love the spontaneity and the shakiness that’s to it. Sometimes I’ve some pretty good results, I think!

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