The Danish Director

© Morten Bjerg 2015

Erik Clausen, born 1942, a Danish movie director from Copenhagen. He’s social realist director, actor and a multi-artist, and entertainer, too. He’s also a painter and started his career back in the day as a cyclist.  Erik Clausen has been around for many years starting out with his movie debut Cirkus Casablanca from 1981, in which he both directing and acting as a lead character in a travelling cirkus which he is leader of. In general Clausen is a Danish version of British director Ken Loach. Clausen is a lot more humorous than his english counterpart and is better at it, in my opinion, than Loach, who’s a lot more roughly polished than Clausen. While Loach often just randomly pick down in his characters lived lives offering no happy endings, Clausen often do so. I think, it’s Danish social realism vs English social realism in a nut shell (and I think noone is better a social realism than the British, especially Loach). While Loach is a  world famous director I don’t think Clausen is that wellknown outside Denmark. Clausen is very rooted in Danish culture and is a very popular, in the sense of being a level with the people, often quite jovial but with a satirically touch. I’ve been a life long admirerer of Erik Clausen’s work!

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