The Troll Lurking Outside

© Morten Bjerg – 2016

In 2016 the town Næstved, where I live hosted a festival about trolls, fairies and other myth from the local folklore. We have a lot of traditional folklore on these parts and especially the myths about the troll from Fladså, Fladså is a country side district of Næstved and the troll Slattenpatten, which, roughly translated, means the Sagging Breast troll. The Fladså Troll battled the local church because she didn’t like the bells ringing hence he threw some heavy stones into the city and tried to bury the whole town in sand. A task he didn’t complete because the bags in which he had the sand where full of holes causing the sand the run out. The traditional tale tells that this sand formed some of the many hills and slopes in the Næstved region. The Troll became so furious losing the sand that he threw giant rocks into the town and that’s why big rocks are found in Næstved. Good old traditional folklore from one of Denmark’s oldest cities.

This festival triggered me to draw trolls because I think the old pre-christian yths are very interesting. I’m compelled to these supernatural creatures that lived in the woods – scary as hell and made sense in our human relations to nature. Modern man controls nature, control is part of modern man’s DNA – they didn’t at the time where mythical creatures were real, present and at one with the laws of nature.

Made with pen on paper and Fine Liner Pens (Copic/Rothring/Staedler etc). I was very much into making textures with crosshatching creaturing a woollen feeling to the image.

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