Rural Industrial Building

Rural Industrial Building – Pen on Paper (April, 2018) by Morten Bjerg

I’ve always been very attracted to old buildings that tells a story of the past. This one I owe to Bernd & Hilla Becher, a German artist couple, that photographed old industrial buildings, which was a very distinct trademark of theirs. I love the coolness in which they captured those old buildings. No romance, just unemotional photos testifying the facts of that historic architechture and nothing else. I’ve tried, very humble, to recreate that unemotional feeling which I think is even harder to do in a drawing than in a photo. The Becher couple always chose very neutral weather conditions for that photo which emphasizes that unfeeling mood very much. But with pen in hand it’s almost an impossible mission because I think crosshatching techniques always leaves an artistic trademark from the artist.

This drawing isn’t a trying to be one on one with the original photo which only served as an inspiration source. I haven’t seen this building in real life or have any emotional or sentimental strings attached to this particular piece of industrial architecture.



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